Infographic: P2P Carsharing User Profiles

This is series of 6 User Profile Infographics that capture some of the results of our international survey on P2P carsharing. They summarize some of the demographic/lifestyle and transportation habit info that we gathered.  The survey was adminsitered online between April 6 and May 14, 2012. In total 171 respondents participated from 22 countries, with the majority of the results coming from the US, Germany, France, Spain and Sweden.

We broke down the respondents in to six groups: Borrowers, Owners, American Users, European Users, Prospective Borrowers (non-users who would like to join as Borrowers) and Prospective Owners (non-users who would like to join as Borrowers).

Click the JPEG above to enlarge and see the other five profiles. Or open the PDF, which is higher resolution: P2P Carsharing User Profiles June 12, 2012


Infographic: The Borrower’s Customer Journey

Hot off the presses! A new visual that tries to capture the customer journey of the ‘borrower’ during their P2P car sharing experience.

It’s a generalized and simplified Customer Journey Map depicting the Borrower’s service experience. It also includes the actions of the vehicle Owner and the P2P Platform along the way. The experience may vary considerably between countries and P2P carsharing service providers. The steps in the image have been group ‘geographically’ for simplicity sake. In reality many of them could happen anywhere.

Click to enlarge the JPEG above. Or open the PDF, which is higher resolution: P2P Carsharing Customer Journey Map April-16-2012

Infographic: The World of P2P Car Sharing

An infographic we’ve been working on to capture the P2P car sharing platforms from around the world.

Click to enlarge the JPEG above. Or the open the PDF which is higher resolution and if you can click the company names to open their websites: Infographic-World-of-P2P-Carsharing-Simmons-08-06-2012

If you have corrections or additions, please comment below or make changes in the google spreadsheet that the graphic is based on.

Update – March 6th, 2012: Made some minor changes and added 4 more companies – Posodi Avto (Slovenia), eGo CarShare (US), Nachbarschaftsauto (Germany) and MeGo (Finland).

Update – March 14th, 2012: added 3 more companies – MovoMovo (Spain), WeGo (Netherlands), Dégage (Belgium)

Update – June 8th, 2012: added 3 more companies – Mesh Motors (US), CarTribe (Switzerland) and Koolicar (France)