Infographic: The World of P2P Car Sharing

Feb 27, 2012   //   by Mark   //   blog  //  10 Comments

An infographic we’ve been working on to capture the P2P car sharing platforms from around the world.

Click to enlarge the JPEG above. Or the open the PDF which is higher resolution and if you can click the company names to open their websites: Infographic-World-of-P2P-Carsharing-Simmons-08-06-2012

If you have corrections or additions, please comment below or make changes in the google spreadsheet that the graphic is based on.

Update – March 6th, 2012: Made some minor changes and added 4 more companies – Posodi Avto (Slovenia), eGo CarShare (US), Nachbarschaftsauto (Germany) and MeGo (Finland).

Update – March 14th, 2012: added 3 more companies – MovoMovo (Spain), WeGo (Netherlands), Dégage (Belgium)

Update – June 8th, 2012: added 3 more companies – Mesh Motors (US), CarTribe (Switzerland) and Koolicar (France)


  • great infographic, congrats !
    1 comment on the “handles payment” icon : I think you should differentiate the sites that handle payment of their commission only (eg the drivers pays a 10% commission online that is kept by the site, and the 90% left directly to the owner), and those sites that collect 100% and then transfer their part to the owner – meaning users don’t need to exchange money.
    keep going !

  • Good idea Paulin, and thanks for your input! I didn’t realize there are companies that require their payment separately. We were just thinking that companies either handled 100% or 0% of the payment. I’ll figure out how to incorporate that in to the next version.

  • GREAT Infography! Thanks a lot for share it! I’m sharing it at Pinterest.

    • Thank you for sharing it Alexandra!

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  • seul coup d’oeil toutes les initiatives de car sharing à travers le monde !

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  • Great inforgraphic! Soon, a new private carsharing company from Germany, carzapp, should included ;-) carzapp is the first private car sharing platform in Europe, to provide a hardware solution (ZappKit), which was developed specifically for the purpose. TThe ZappKit allows individuals to rent out their cars spontaneously without manually handing over the keys and earn money with them when they are not in use. Vehicles can easily be opened and closed with your own smartphone. carzapp connects car owners and renters via an online portal or an app and provides the perfect car for every situation. Car owners decide themselves when, to whom and for how much, they want to rent out their car.

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